Riders- Veronica Rossi

Riders Veronica Rossi

Hello, so this is my first post on here and it is about the book “Riders”. I saw this book while I was shopping at my local bookstore and the cover just caught my eye. You can’t deny that a fiery horse is pretty badass. So first off this book got 3.7 stars on Goodreads, which is okay, but personally I enjoyed this book way more than just 3.7 stars. This is a post-apocalyptic setting book which I enjoyed a lot. The main character is Gideon Blake who is in  RASP, which is training to become a elite Army Ranger. Unfortunately Gideon cannot finish his training because of a terrible accident that occured during his training. When Blake begins recovering he notices a strange cuff on is wrist and that all of his injuries are better. He doesn’t understand the meaning of the cuff until he meets a young lady named Daryn. She tells him that he is one of the Four Horsemen from the book of Revelation. He is the horseman, war, the other three are death, conquest, and famine. Daryn tells Gideon that he is needed as  a horseman to protect a object, but first they must gather the other three horsemen. Gideon still doesn’t quite understand the cuff or the meaning of being war. Along the journey of finding the other horsemen, Gideon slowly learns from Daryn and the other horsemen about his power, weapons, and armor. The horsemen are protecting a object from the Kindred which are  a group of demons exiled by satan. The object they want can open a whole different realm that the Kindred could rule over. The horsemen must work as a team but struggle a little bit. Gideon struggles a lot through the whole story, until he becomes close with his fiery horse Riot. Each character develops throughout the story and they are great characters that the reader can connect with. I would give this book 4.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed it and thought there was enough action and also enough softer parts to keep a nice balance and keep it interesting. There is a second book that just came out in May called “Seeker,” so hopefully it will be as good as “Riders.”


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